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My cat is the devil

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I really think my cat, Pixie, is going through some kind of adolesence rebellion stage in her life. She has always been a sweet cat - a little needy but sweet. After the first couple of mishaps I didn't think much of it, but now she's becoming quite the terrorist.

Clue #1: I woke up a few weeks ago and found a little pile of cat puke in the dining room. Ok, fine no biggie - I clean it up. She probably ate part of a plant or a bug (she likes flies). Only I then find another pile a few feet away - ugh. Walk into the kitchen to get another paper towel, yup another pile. What the hell is this cat getting into? Later in the day I sit on the couch only to find another pile beside the couch and one on top of the side table that obviously was a puke-and-run because it was splattered across the table and running down the side as well as the wall beside it. All I can say, is thank god for hard wood floors.

Clue #2: As the weather is finally starting to cool down I've been opening the windows and doors of the house - of course leaving the screen doors shut and locked. I've never had an issue with the cats and screens before - they just like to sit and watch and smell the world outside (they're strictly indoor cats). The other evening my fiance and I are sitting in the living room with the doors open and the cats both perched at the front door. All of a sudden I hear pixie snarl - which I've only heard once or twice before. The next thing I know the screen door flew open and pix was out the door chasing another cat that had come up on the front porch. Luckily the cat she chased only went into the neighbors yard and not across the street. The not so great thing is that those neighbors just moved in a few days before and here I was running screaming across their front lawn after my cat (picture no shoes, running through a freshly watered lawn trying not to trip over my long skirt). All while they were sitting outside eating dinner. They're gonna love me.

Clue #3: I'm fast asleep in bed since it was approx 2:30am. My fiance couldn't sleep so he was up on the computer playing games. I begin to hear strange distant sounds - still trying to figure out if I'm really awake or just dreaming about weird noises in my house. Finally, my fiance bursts into the bedroom turning the light on and making me jump sraight up in bed. I'm still in a haze - not sure if I'm awake or still dreaming. He says 'It's pix, somethings wrong with her she's going nuts!'. Apparently she had tried to climb into a gift bag that I left on the dining table and got her head and front right arm stuck through one of the handles - which immediately meant she had to begin flailing around the house like a mexican jumping bean. She was now under the bed. I tried to coax her out gently but quickly grew tired of this and was worried she was cutting off her air supply. I ended crawling under the bed to try and grab her just in time for her to run out from the bed and onto the chaise lounge in the bedroom. I finally got to her and was able to remove the bag handle from her head when I realized she smelled. I mean smelled really bad. At some point during the episode she must have pooped on herself and it was smeared all over her. Not to mention she had jumped up on the chaise and was sitting on a pile of clean clothes.

I can't wait to have children...
Oh, and if you were wondering, yes the photo is of Pixie - doesn't she look sweet?!

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  1. Blogger Gnat 

    Well, honestly if one of our kids get his front paw stuck in a bag and goes ape shit nuts like Pix while shitting out him/herself we have other problems.


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