"It's not every day you get to enjoy the bottom layer of a chocolate pyramid." - The_Gnat

This can't be good...

NOTE: The number next to MiniMolli's photo friday entry. Ugh...
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Photo Friday - "The Road"



Photo Friday - Adolescence

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I had a hard time with the theme this week. I decided on this flower from a bromeliad that has lots of little blooms in their adolescent stage of life.


Attack of the wooden frog

I've heard stories before about the attack of the wooden frogs but never have I witnessed one, until now... I had a feeling this little frog was up to something. It's apparent now the croaking I heard late at night was him planning a viscous attack.

This morning I happened to walk into the sunroom when I saw this...
Froggie: Ahahhaaa! I have finally conquered the IN-famous Miss Kitty. Uh, oh... I think I've awakened her. Oh shit, I better get outta here quick.

Miss Kitty: Oh hahaha, not so fast little Froggie. My plan has worked, you only THOUGHT I was asleep and now here you are within my grasp.

Miss Kitty: [CHOMP], ouch! Your defenses are good my friend. My teeth are tough but not tough enough.

Miss Kitty: Mmmm, you sure are tasty though. I think we might be able to strike a deal here little froggie. Today is your lucky day...

Ok, I'm a total geek. Think my commentary sucks? Have a better one? Leave a comment!



New Blog

I've created a new blog, actually a photo-blog here: I'm going to try and post a picture a day. I want to try and learn more about my camera and how to use all the settings so don't be suprised if there are some experimental ones! By using the camera every day I'm hoping to become more comfortable with it and get some good practice in.

I'm definately a beginner and have never taken any type of photography class so any critique you would like to give is more than welcome! Even if you're not an expert yourself feel free to tell me what you like/dislike about the photo. Now, I just need more visiters!!! Spread the word dear readers, spread the word... all 1 of you! Hmmph.


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