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Pure Life Soap Co.

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I LOVE these products! Totally organic and everything feels/smells so fresh! I bought my first bottle of the Coconut & Guanabana lotion a few months ago at our local natural food Co-Op store but when I went back recently to purchase more, they no longer carried the line!!

I found them on sale here and just ordered a bunch. I won't need to buy shampoo/conditioner/lotion for quite a while now! Yippeeee!

4 Responses to “Pure Life Soap Co.”

  1. Blogger Gnat of Glass 

    Are you trying to sell something?


  2. Blogger MiniMolli 

    meanie ;(

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Minimolliiiii!! Would you email us at so we can find out what co-op doesn't have them anymore? Never like to hear that.. :(

    Thanks for the support.. it means a lot to me/us.. :)

  4. Blogger Gnat of Glass 

    wow...I was just kidding.

    I guess he googled his company name and up popped your post.

    Well, that is some serious customer service if I have ever seen it.

    Cheers to PureLife Soap CO. for staying on top of things.


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