"It's not every day you get to enjoy the bottom layer of a chocolate pyramid." - The_Gnat


This is a direct quote from another blog I read... very disturbing and sad to hear this:

"About a month ago, my brother was deployed for an 8 day stint in Iraq for a small patrol mission. He told us this, and I believe I shared the story with you all. Basically, just security on a strip of road. 8 days, he was back.

But recently, he shared what he really did (and to those who know, the camel part of the story is still true). Now I know why he told us what he did, because it kept us from worrying, and when he told me, he asked me not to share any of it with the family or anyone else, but did give me clearance on one thing to share, and when he told me, I was outraged and decided I have to share it with everyone.

On his 8 day run, his convoy was attacked by a roadside bomb. Thats all I can say about that matter, and there were no causalities. But, from the impact of the explosion, it cracked and broke an armor plate in my brothers Flak jacket. It took the impact to prevent my brothers bones and body. Great.

(Here's were you should place a piece of rawhide or a bone in your mouth, to prevent you from hurting yourself)

After the mission, the government, our government, THE same government who's sending these 18 years old over to fight...charged him for the broken plate. Well, charged isn't really the right word. More like robbed him, because they just deducted it from his pay.

Thats right folks. Our government is run like a China shop. "You break it, you bought it".

They charged him for a piece of armor that was made to save his life. Let that sink in for a second. Our men and women, who are giving their lives for the freedom of the country, are getting charged for the armor if something happens to it. You'd think the least our government could do is keep the armor in supply. This isn't a fucking car, or a new piece of sporting equipment that needs to be replaced. It's the one thing keeping our men and women from coming home in a plane, or a body bag.

Oh, incase you were wondering, the charge was $700 for a 5"x9" piece of Kevlar Composite. And thats about a week's pay in the army at my brothers rank.

I ask you share the story with everyone you can. Lets educate the world from a first hand perspective. And if need be, send our troops supplies. At least there won't be the governments markup on it.




I cracked an egg for breakfast today that contained two yolks.
Not sure how I feel about that - needless to say I couldn't bring myself to eat it.
All I could think about was how cute the little twin chickies would have been.
Ugh, I don't see myself eating eggs for a while.
Has anyone else ever seen two yolks in one egg before?


Post Secret...

This is quite an astonishing project. I've been watching it for a while now and it's really taken off. Sometimes it seems a little dramatic to me, or should I say some people seem a little dramatic to me but I guess that's what happens when you feel so passionately about something. I've never mailed anything in, I might someday if I feel the urge to do so. Meanwhile I do enjoy reading the blog every sunday - in some way it makes me feel better and reminds me of the strength I have to deal with whatever life throws my way. Hope you enjoy the video.


flight of the concords

I didn't care for this show the first time I watched it, but it's totally growing on me. I caught this one the other day - too funny! If you get HBO definately check it out. I think you can watch clips on the website if not.


Peanuts for you...

Today is a tough day for me. My grandfather would have been 81. I probably would have sent him some assortment of peanuts and hem-hawed about calling, not knowing exactly what to say. He wasn't much for talking on the phone but his voice always perked up on the other end when I called. We would talk about the weather and his next visit. He would fill me in on the local basketball team's stats. He would thank me for the peanuts and say I shouldn't have - that all he cared about is hearing my voice. But I knew that he would enjoy that afternoon with a beer and peanuts watching some game on tv. It seems impossible sitting here today that I can't call and hear his voice - especially since that's all I seem to want to do.


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