"It's not every day you get to enjoy the bottom layer of a chocolate pyramid." - The_Gnat

Are ya Nekkid?!

I've become accustomed to answering this specific quetion from Gnat quite frequently.
Goes something like this:

Gnat calls: "Are ya Nekkiiiiid?!"
Mini says: "yup"
[Gnats head begins to swirl with ideas...]
Mini follows up with: "under my clothes!"
[giggling ensues]

Oh, and this photo is a preview of my newly refaced fireplace.
Happy HNT!



I know, I know... I've been totally slacking on the blog front. But I have been so completely slammed with other shit. My dad came to visit for an entire week and I can't express what a wonderful time we had. I don't get to see my dad very often but when I do we always have the best time. During this visit he toally worked his ass off. He repointed our house (fixed the bricks and cracked mortar where the house has settled), he helped with some seriously needed landscape (which mostly included pulling the crazy hellaishious (is that a word?) hedges out from around the house, and he refaced our fireplace (complete with salvaged bricks from old city streets) that looks absolutely awesome! Now, every time I look at the fireplace it reminds me of my dad and warms my heart. How cool is that?! We still have to find a mantle and re-tile the floor around it but it's going to look great. I'll post before and after photos once it's completely finished.


Lucky HNT

"May you always have a clean shirt, a clear conscience, and enough coins in your pocket to buy a pint!"

Boy do I wish I was Irish today. I damn sure need the luck. Today I've declared this scarf my lucky scarf. Not only because it's partly green and it's one of my favorites that I've made, but because I'm on a serious deadline at work and I'm going to need all the luck in the world to meet it by tomorrow. So, even though it's 68 degrees outside I'm going to wear this scarf all day and hope it brings me the luck of the Irish.

I've posted today's photo in color because of the green but, if you know me at all, you know I couldn't leave the black and white version out. Scroll down to see it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patricks Day and some Luck in one way or another ;)


HNT - Memory

Today's HNT is a little different. It's more of a memory that this photo inspires. I have always loved this photo. I know it's not the best picture quality but it still touches my heart. This is a photo of my father and I taken by my mother just before sunset at my dad's house. My dad used to get so upset at my mom because that damn camera was always attached to her hip and it seemed most of the photos she would take I was typically half nekkid. Apparently she tried to clothe me but as a baby I didn't like wearing clothes and would just strip them off. My dad is a very modest man and to this day still gets embarrassed when he looks at a lot of these photos.

Even though my dad hated the fact that my mom was always snapping photos, I'm so grateful she did. They give me the chance to go back in time and remember what a wonderful childhood I had. I can sit for hours and look through all of them, most of them triggering some sort of memory. Sometimes I'll even look at one I've seen a hundred times and remember something new.

Not to say that my childhood was uneventful. My parents divorced when I was 2. However they remained close and lived nearby. I began having seizures shortly after and continued to do so for the next 9 years. I was constantly in and out of the hospital having a myriad of tests run and by age 6 I'm sure I could have set up my own IV. Despite all the hardships I still have fond memories of everything. I have to attribute this to my parents and grandparents. I only hope my children can have the same kind of fond memories that I do.

I suppose this post was inspired by the fact that my Dad is coming to visit in approximately 10 days. I'm so excited. I haven't seen him since September and he will get to see my new house for the first time. He's going to help out with a few projects around the house and I couldn't be happier. And even though he probably won't like it, I'm going to take lots of photos.

Time permitting I'll try and post another photo for HNT later today. Damn work is getting in the way...


Weekend Destruction

NOTE: The building you see in these pictures is the detached garage. After re-reading this I could see how it could be mistaken for the house. When looking at the first picture, the house is to the left.

Gnat and I were busy bees this weekend. We got a lot accomplished over the weekend so I thought I'd post some pictures. We've needed to get this project done for a while now, seeing as it has been in dire straights since Hurricane Ivan (9/04). Here are a couple of before and after photos:

This photo is a before shot from the front. You can see a square of concrete that sunk below the rest. This broke a water pipe during Hurricane Dennis and cost us around $400 in water bills. Luckily the water company was able to write it off as "Hurricane Related" and we were reimbursed the money. The carport was missing several pieces of aluminum on top and the posts were all rusted and would flake off if touched.

Here is another before photo from the side. Notice all the ugly ass hedges that have probably been there 50 years.

Here's a mid-destruction photo. This is the carport after gnat had taken the sledgehammer to it a few times.

Viola, after photo from the front: No more ugly hedges, the sunken cement square is now gone (we're thinking of planing something cool there - or make it a fire pit), and NO RUSTY CARPORT! WOOHOO! I personally had lots of fun pulling those hedges out with the truck. We also found this lovely umbrella to lounge under until we get around to building the Pergola. We'll probably re-finish the concrete to make it look nicer and add some brick benches surrounding - maybe a fireplace or fire pit. Eventually this will be the site of a hot glass studio. We hope to knock out the wall of the garage and add sliding doors that will open up to a glass shop furnished with a full on furnace, glory hole, annealers, etc...

It looks great at night with a fire in the fireplace and the umbrella lit up with mini lights. So much so our neighbor practically begged to come over and join us. Now we just need a taller hedge to block his view ;)

Finally, we decide to relax for our first meal in our transformed back yard. We sat under the umbrella with a fire going in the background and a nice grilled Filet Mignon (topped with feta), corn on the cob and vegetable skewer for dinner after all the hard work (yes, we're drinking whiskey out of styrofoam cups - we're classy like that):

We still have lots left to do, but have definately made good progress so far. Wish us luck and the energy to keep it up! I have a feeling we're going to need it.


Artistic HNT

It's funny the process I go through to get a good photo. I don't know if I would call it anal but I go through many many ideas and photos before I get one that I really like. And if I don't REALLY like it - it doesn't get posted. No half ass for this chica.

I do, however need to learn when to move on and not dwell on a certian photo idea. I got very frustrated today because I couldn't get the shot I wanted - it just was not working out and I was damned and determined that I was going to keep trying until I got it right. I even started to get pissed off about it when I thought, ya know, I shouldn't get so upset. Photography is a hobby for me and I should be enjoying it. So I sat down and relaxed for a minute, when to give Ms Kitty some love - when I saw it. The painting in this photo is one I did a few weeks ago. I love the texture. So, I grabbed a paintbrush and the camera - and wham. This was one of the first photo's I took. Funny how things work like that.

I know it's not very sexy or revealing as a lot of others HNT photos are - but it's mine and I like it. I hope you enjoy seeing it.


100 Things about Me:

** Updated: 100 completed! Thanks to gnat (see his additions below 63-100). **

Ok, I totally ripped this idea from another blogger. But I thought it was a good idea so here goes:

100 Things about me:

1. I am a virgo
2. I am a complete computer geek
3. I tend to rebel against the computer geek in me and try to be very creative and artistic
4. 4 is my favorite number (all the good cartoons were on this channel when I was a kid)
5. I have a weakness for mid-century eames era furniture
6. I really enjoy refinishing old furniture to make it my own
7. I don’t enjoy planning projects – I’d rather dive right in and get my hands dirty
8. I grew up living in my grandparents house
9. I have a wonderful relationship with my grandparents
10. Feet really gross me out
11. I am very ambitious when it comes to handiwork
12. I have had a wonderful, well paying job for the past 6 years
13. I eventually would like a career change
14. I love cooking
15. I own my house
16. I love my house in all it’s 1930’s character
17. My car is the best car in the world (MINI Cooper S)
18. I hated cats before I adopted one, then eventually two
19. I now have a soft spot for all kitties
20. I’ve never been arrested
21. I almost got arrested once
22. I can’t commit to one paint color in my house – I constantly want to change them
23. I enjoy gardening
24. I tend to kill most plants
25. I used to work in an ice cream store
26. I got tennis elbow from scooping too much ice cream
27. I have one half sister who has always lived far away
28. I have not graduated college with a 4 year degree
29. I starred in a commercial once
30. I knit a lot (the European way – not the American way)
31. I am learning to paint with oils
32. I mostly paint abstracts with acrylics
33. I love taking photography in the sun light
34. I have a weakness for black and white pictures
35. I love going to the beach
36. I don’t visit the beach enough
37. I know how to surf and own my own board
38. I accidentally flashed my fiancé on one of our first dates
39. He was teaching me to surf at the time
40. I own my own snowboard/boots/etc…
41. I don’t have any tattoos
42. I would wear flip flops year round if I could
43. I work from home
44. I have an online shopping addiction
45. Sometimes I go up to 4 days without leaving the house
46. I’m afraid of the dark
47. I hate cleaning the bathtub
48. I know how to blow glass
49. I prefer silver or white gold over gold
50. I enjoy Pilates even though I don’t do it enough
51. I used to be a competitive swimmer
52. I love a good grilled filet mignon
53. I’m no good at talking on the phone
54. The keys most used on my keyboard are worn down
55. I have come to despise seeing movies at the theater because of inconsiderate people
56. I have a low tolerance for messiness
57. I hate driving in the rain and will avoid it at most costs
58. I once spent 7 hours at a blackjack table during a tropical storm
59. I would like to learn to play the guitar
60. I believe I made up the word purrducken (nickname for my cat pixie)
61. I’m finding that coming up with 100 things is more difficult than I thought
62. I can’t resist watching Globe Trekker
63. Ok, so I lied this is not quite 100 things yet – it’s late and I’m getting sleepy.

Ok, I'm seriously grinning from ear to ear right now. I had a hard time coming up with 100 things last night so when gnat read my blog this morning he decided to help me out. These are from him, with no influence from me whatsoever.
He totally rocks.

63: When she laughs hard she might snort, and it makes her laugh more.

64: When she really does not like something she crinkles her nose like Bewitched and shakes her head.

65: Her eyes change color depending on what she wears. Green and Blue cause dramatic changes.

66: She makes a wonderful Manacati(spelling?)

67: She has a almost conpulsive sweeping habit. This a good thing not bad.

68: She knows how to messure and cut timber and frame up a wood celing.

69: She is a expert and sanding and staining wood. Not just furniture, but doors as well.

70: She has a pair of white cargo pants that look so good on her she could use pictures of her ass to recruit men to the navy.

71: She has a freckle on the bottom of her foot.

72: She does not like the way her toenails/fingernails grow. This I find strange she has wonderful feet.

73: She looks great with long or short hair.

74: Her Eyelashes tend to curl up more durring the summer and her eyebrows become very blonde.

75: She has a naval piercing.

76: She can regrout a countertop.

77: People think she is Patrica Arquete(spelling?)

78: She is a task master when it comes to paying bills on time. Thank god, otherwise nothing would get paid on time left to me.

79: She has a cow lick.

80: She love French Onion Soup.

81: Her favorite drink is Crown and Diet Coke.

82: She likes her chilli mild.

83: Her Ipod has new music on it every week.

84: She loves her faimly without reservation or judgement.

85: She very loyal to her friend.

86: She is shy until after the second crown and coke.

87: She is easy to make laugh.

88: She angers quickly if you hit a nerve but she lets it go just as fast.

89: She once had to tell the police "He is just drunk and hot".

90: She has not been to a hockey game in 8 years.

91: Her Favorite resturant in NYC is Molly's Grill on 23rd and 3rd. Seriously.

92: She does not smoke.

93: She loves tomatos slow grilled on toast with cheese.

94: Friday morning is her "Breakfast" morning.

95: She has an amazing ability to put up with extream asshatery.(insert me).

96: She has made her own drinking glass, out of glass, which she uses.

97: She loves tupperware.

98: Her hands get crazy sensitive when the weather changes.

99: Sour Patch Kids make her tongue look funny.

100: She is 7 months from getting married.


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