"It's not every day you get to enjoy the bottom layer of a chocolate pyramid." - The_Gnat

Days like this...

I absolutely love days like today. Although it's been unsually warm for November it has been quite nice weather for being outside. A cold front came in last night dropping the temp to a high of 72 today (was in the 80's yesterday). Sunny and warm with a cool breeze. I can smell the jasmine and the scent of freshly mowed lawn. What is it about a nice cool wind that makes everything seem so fresh and crisp? I love it. I love working at home on days like this. I set up my laptop in the sunroom, open all the windows and breathe deep.


I need you...

My fiance sometimes wishes he never had a cell phone, even considers getting rid of it sometimes because it's such a pain. This shouldn't bother me, our parents didn't have cell phones at our age, they really shouldn't be a necessity. But it does bother me, just tonight I had a reminder of how it bothers me. I went out right after work for a few drinks/dinner with some girlfriends. On my way home I encountered some construction which detoured me out of my way and towards the arts center downtown. I knew my fiance was there blowing glass tonight so I stopped by to say hello, not something I do very often (usually I'm holed up at the house watching Lost and Martha Steawart Apprentice). He really appriciated me stoping by as a suprise and although I don't go up there very often I really enjoy it when I do. I left him at the shop and went home. Ate a little snack and had a glass of wine, checked my email, browsed ebay.. the usual. I got up to pee then realized I was cold and went into my closet to get a sweater. I walked by the back door and sensed something was wrong. The back door was open and the deadbolt was unlocked. I quickly shut the door and locked it but still wonder how long it has been open. In reality I know it was probably me or my fiance that opened it earlier in the day and forgot to completly shut or lock it. Still, this freaked me out. I reached for my phone to call my fiance, not sure what he could do about it from far away but I just wanted some re-assurance and maybe just to hear his voice and let him hear mine would make me feel better. I then realize he left his phone at home and it was ringing in the other room. This scared me. What is something really was wrong?! What if I need you, even if it is just for re-assurance? I hate the feeling that I can't reach you. when I need to...


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