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February HNT!

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A little late but here's my photo for HNT today.

I'm not sure what inspired this. I was completely uninspired earlier this morning, probably because it was dark and gloomy outside and I think I'm coming down with a cold. Anyhow, I saw my guitar sitting in the corner and thought since I don't play it at least I could take a few pics of it. Guitars need love too.

Hope you enjoy.

12 Responses to “February HNT!”

  1. Blogger Osbasso 

    You should be uninspired more often! Nicely done!

  2. Blogger AndyT13 

    Hotness! HHNT!

  3. Blogger Gnat 

    I love it.


  4. Blogger Crimson 

    I LOVE it! Happy HNT :)

  5. Blogger CyberWarlock 

    Inspiration strikes when you least expect it some times. Wonderful photo! Happy HNT!

  6. Blogger MamaKBear 

    That's sexy!

    happy HNT! :)

  7. Blogger Danielle 

    nice shot! very creative. happy hnt.

  8. Blogger Opaco 

    very cool photo. love the look.

    happy hnt.

  9. Blogger Gnat 

    Is that actually a tit and a penis in that bio pic. It took my brain a second to come to terms with that. I think had it been just either or I could have figured it out quickly, but the combo threw me a bit.

    Anyway, I never thought that I would ever seen actual nudity on MiniMolli's sight. I stand corrected.


  10. Blogger MiniMolli 

    Yea, I had to delete that comment. I appriciate your nice comment but please change your icon if you post here again. That was a bit too hard core for my little blog.

  11. Blogger Jaxe 

    I have a weakspot for beautiful legs wrapped around a guitar ;-p . gorgeous shot!

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