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Photo Friday - "Famous"

Famous Fibers

My Herman Miller Rocker


Inconsiderate jibber-jabber

At the chance of sounding like an old fart this is something that continues to bother me. In recent weeks I've ran into several really inconsiderate kids(teenagers).

Episode #1

One sunny afternoon my mother and I went to get some mexican for lunch. We decided snacking on some chips and salsa and sipping on ice cold beers on the outside patio was the way to go. About 1/2 way through our first beers a couple of teenage girls sat down 2 tables away. Our then quiet lunch turned into something like so:

Girl1: "hehehee, haha!"
Girl2: "SHUT UP! hehehe..."
Girl1: "You did NOT say that!"
... you get my drift

Now, this is fine I have no problem with giggling girls.

Beer #1 is gone, mom goes to get 2 more. A car pulls up in the parking lot and parks in the back of the lot. It's obviously a car full of boys that the girls know as the giggling has now turned into squeals. As the boys don't seem to be getting out of the car it would seem like if the girls wanted to talk to them they would actually have to get up and go over there.

This is where my logic fails. Instead of getting up and walking over the girls decide to stand up on their chairs and scream "Hey baby! What chu doin?!... - Who's that in the car with you?... You going to the movie tonight?... don't you bring that bitch Amanda with you, I'll dump my coke on her!... etc..." and on and on.

Now this in itself isn't quite enough to push me over the edge. I can try to ignore it and keep sipping away at my corona. However, that fact that my table happened to be smack in between the girls and the parking lot, kinda put me in a tissy. I can tell you for a fact Girl#1 still had her tonsils. And I'm pretty sure some of her spit made a break for my salsa. I'm literally sitting 3 feet away from her staring at her waiting for her to finish and acknowledge my presence. And when she finally does come down off the chair she sees me staring at her and grins and winks at me. Then promptly goes inside because her break is now over and someone has to refill the napkins.

WTF? Of course my mom is giggling because #1 she had one more beer than me and #2 she can see how pissed I'm getting. She then followed up with "Don't worry sweetie, you were never like that!". Damn right I wasn't, at least not to anyone that wasn't my mother.

Episode #2

Ok, so a few days after the mexican screaming incident. I'm at the grocery store in the produce department. In front of me is an older gentleman with his daughter (maybe 14 years old). She's very athletic looking and high energy as she's bouncing around and running circles around her dad. Apparently she thought her dad was taking too long in choosing the right group of grapes so she picks up 3 oranges and begins to juggle them. Yup - juggle. She eventually drops one on the floor and tries again. A minute later her dad has chosen the perfect grapes and moved along. She notices this, puts the oranges back and catches up with him. Am I the only one who finds this disturbing?!

Ugh, have teenagers always been like this and I'm just now noticing. Maybe I really am getting old...


Golden Glass

Golden Glass

This weeks photo friday theme is "Golden". The picture above is of one of my fiance's peices of hand blown glass. The colors in this peice are just amazing. To see what I'm talking about go here: There are so many amazing photos this week! I'm definately not a photographer but good photography sure does inspire me - and makes me want a better camera!

Oh, and if you see a photograph that you really like - vote for it on the photo friday website!


You betcha...

Ok, so it turns out I was on the right track with my Photography Fridays invention... I swear I didn't know about this until today:
Who knew?!

I'm excited!


Boring, I know...

Ok, I totally forgot about photo friday. Ugh, I suck. Here is a photo I took about a year ago. It's Thyme that had started to grow down the side of a terra cotta pot that sits outside my sunroom. I like it. It makes me hungry, mmmm. This photo is also on a wall in my kitchen.


to HNT or not to HNT...

Ok, so I think I'm done with the whole HNT thing. I used to enjoy going through the list of people who participate and seeing the different creative photos they come up with each week. However, 75% of the people who participate now, post pictures that I really don't need to see. I didn't start doing HNT to look at naked (no not nekkid - actually naked) photos of people. I did it because I love photography and it seemed like a neat creative outlet and a reason to get creative with the camera once a week.

I understand that everyone has their own ideas of what is creative and there are still a lot of people who participate in HNT that do strive for more creative photography rather than just showing some risque body part. I will continue to frequent those blogs because I do enjoy them. I also know that I will lose a lot of traffic once I stop HNT but that's ok with me. The people who visit my blog and see or read things they like will come back HNT or no HNT.

Instead of posting photos on thursdays I'm going to create my own schedule for creative photography. Photography that may or may not include myself. Stay tuned for more. I think fridays will be my photography days. Yea, friday sounds good...


HNT - Relaxed

I'm way late today, wait what am I saying - I'm always late getting my photo's up for HNT. I didn't get much sleep last night - see post below, so I'm a bit exhausted and going the comfy route today. I love this shirt. It's so comfortable and breezy. Happy HNT!


Birdie from hell...

If you think all birds sleep at night and only chrip during the day, let me fill you in... Last night I think I had a total of maybe 2 hours sleep in 10 minute increments. I started to hear the chriping at about 10:30 last night. I was all nestled into bed reading a book when it sounded like a car alarm of constant chriping went off. Ok I thought, no problem, it will stop in a minute. Man was I wrong, and to add to the misery I swear this bird had a menagerie of chirps and would only reapeat each three times then move to the next. Maybe, just maybe if it had been the same chrip over and over I could have drowned it out.

At one point I had convinced myself that there was no way this was a bird, I don't ever remember hearing them at night. I thought for sure this was some kind of new motion detector the neighbors had installed and was stuck in the ON mode. I know, doesn't make much sense but after several hours of constant chriping and no sleep it made plenty of sense to me. Around 1am gnat finally came to bed but no matter what we did we couldn't drown out this damn bird. We normally have a fan in the room to drown out the normal noises of the night, it's usually set on low but last night we upped it to HI. As soon as we did this I swear the bird upped its volume. Gnat had the idea to go outside and give the tree a little shake. Seeing as we have around 20 trees outside our window, I don't know which tree he decided to shake but he was as tired as I was of this bird. The chirping stopped for approximately 5 minutes.

Around 3am I got up opened the door and clapped my hands as loud as I could. No good, the bird didn't even skip a beat. On top of this, gnat was apparently able to drown out the noise with his snoring. GREAT... I took my pillow and retreated to the other bedroom (on the same side of the house, with no fan to drown anything out). I shut the doors, stuffed the windowsill with pillows, layed on my side, proped a pillow over my exposed ear and held it in place with my other arm. This worked for about 20 minutes as soon my arms began to fall asleep from the odd position and I could still here gnat snoring in the other room. I got up and walked through the house to see if the noise was less in any of the other rooms. At this point I think I could would have been happy to sleep on the kitchen floor or in the bathtub if it were quiet. Unfortunately, I could hear this damn bird equally throughout the house. I'm normally an animal lover but I have never so badly wanted to strangle an animal, or at least cut it's vocal chords. This basically went on the entire night. I tossed and turned the rest of the morning, I would fall asleep for about 10 minutes at a time before the chirping would wake me up again. It's now 9am and the damn thing is still going, although now it is taking breaks between driving me crazy. If I thought I had decent aim I would be in the garage searching for the pellet gun. It's more likely, however, that I'd end up shooting my foot than a bird.

I swear if this continues much longer, I might be forced to call in an expert (AKA Fluffy the feline terminator). Don't let all the white fluffiness fool you. The first time I met Fluffy he had a squirrel in his mouth. I really hope it doesn't come to that. For your own sake birdie, go perch in someone else's tree!


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