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HNT - Relaxed

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I'm way late today, wait what am I saying - I'm always late getting my photo's up for HNT. I didn't get much sleep last night - see post below, so I'm a bit exhausted and going the comfy route today. I love this shirt. It's so comfortable and breezy. Happy HNT!

11 Responses to “HNT - Relaxed”

  1. Blogger Jay 

    wonderfull pictures Happy HNT

  2. Blogger Gnat 

    I like it, I think I see a refinished Hermmy chair. Admit it your all about the props!


  3. Blogger MiniMolli 

    Gnat - No, that's actually one of the Arne Jacobson dining chairs. I tried to get a photo in the HM rocker but this one turned out better. You're right though, I love my chairs.

  4. Blogger Crimson 

    These are very pretty:) Happy HNT!

  5. Blogger paitl1 

    nicely done. Happy HNT!

  6. Blogger Semi-Celibate Man 

    I love these shots! And that top. HHNT

  7. Blogger Evalee 

    Love the artsy look of your post this week. HHNT!

  8. Blogger WDKY 

    Absolutely love them. Happy HNT x

  9. Blogger Sunny Delight 

    great shots, I like the shirt too, and have you seen Failure to Launch, reminds me of the mockingbird scenes HHNT!

  10. Blogger CyberWarlock 

    Those photos kick major ass! So simple, but the light/shadow and textures are wonderful! Happy HNT!

  11. Blogger Mike 

    Nice photos! Happy HNT!

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