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Weekend Destruction

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NOTE: The building you see in these pictures is the detached garage. After re-reading this I could see how it could be mistaken for the house. When looking at the first picture, the house is to the left.

Gnat and I were busy bees this weekend. We got a lot accomplished over the weekend so I thought I'd post some pictures. We've needed to get this project done for a while now, seeing as it has been in dire straights since Hurricane Ivan (9/04). Here are a couple of before and after photos:

This photo is a before shot from the front. You can see a square of concrete that sunk below the rest. This broke a water pipe during Hurricane Dennis and cost us around $400 in water bills. Luckily the water company was able to write it off as "Hurricane Related" and we were reimbursed the money. The carport was missing several pieces of aluminum on top and the posts were all rusted and would flake off if touched.

Here is another before photo from the side. Notice all the ugly ass hedges that have probably been there 50 years.

Here's a mid-destruction photo. This is the carport after gnat had taken the sledgehammer to it a few times.

Viola, after photo from the front: No more ugly hedges, the sunken cement square is now gone (we're thinking of planing something cool there - or make it a fire pit), and NO RUSTY CARPORT! WOOHOO! I personally had lots of fun pulling those hedges out with the truck. We also found this lovely umbrella to lounge under until we get around to building the Pergola. We'll probably re-finish the concrete to make it look nicer and add some brick benches surrounding - maybe a fireplace or fire pit. Eventually this will be the site of a hot glass studio. We hope to knock out the wall of the garage and add sliding doors that will open up to a glass shop furnished with a full on furnace, glory hole, annealers, etc...

It looks great at night with a fire in the fireplace and the umbrella lit up with mini lights. So much so our neighbor practically begged to come over and join us. Now we just need a taller hedge to block his view ;)

Finally, we decide to relax for our first meal in our transformed back yard. We sat under the umbrella with a fire going in the background and a nice grilled Filet Mignon (topped with feta), corn on the cob and vegetable skewer for dinner after all the hard work (yes, we're drinking whiskey out of styrofoam cups - we're classy like that):

We still have lots left to do, but have definately made good progress so far. Wish us luck and the energy to keep it up! I have a feeling we're going to need it.

3 Responses to “Weekend Destruction”

  1. Blogger Gnat 

    I don't know how to discribe how good that meal was...

    On a side note, Mini has a hardcore addiction to specific kinds of furnature. Lets hope it does not get here:


  2. Blogger MiniMolli 

    Holy crap, that's awesome!! I would have to say without a doubt though, I would much rather look at the chairs in my living room and be able to sit in them rather than have them on my arm.

    I do have some kind of sick obsession with these though. Oh well, it could be worse.

  3. Blogger CorkChop 

    Nice pewter plate you have there holding your steak... Hey, I know someone who has about 600 of them if you are interested.

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