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Hmmm, HNT Already?!

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I guess it is already Thursday (1:20 am my time) so technically I could post an HNT photo, however I don't have one yet. I need to wait for the sunshine and inspiration to come in the morning. Been out way to late with friends... Good times though, totally worth it. I had a great time tonight. I laughed more tonight than I have in a while... I hung out with gnat and two lovely ladies that totally inspire me. Each in their own way. Every time I see them I learn something new and they both fascinate me.

Anyhow, no HNT yet... stay tuned. I will post something sometime in the morning. Off to bed, hopefully for some good zzzzs.

3 Responses to “Hmmm, HNT Already?!”

  1. Anonymous kerri 

    love the photo... wish this is how i could have spent my day!!


  2. Blogger Moosekahl 

    If I had hung outside this afternoon it you wouldn't have been able to see me for all the snow covering me fluff that you just sink into. Not even good for a snowball fight. Happy HNT!

  3. Blogger David 

    Hey that is a great photo.

    Happy HNT!

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