"It's not every day you get to enjoy the bottom layer of a chocolate pyramid." - The_Gnat

LOVE This!!

I've watched it several times now. I'm mezmerized by it and it just makes me happy.


Knits - Finally!!!

I've finally managed to update my etsy shop with some of my knits. I've had a hard time this winter keeping anything in stock. I've litterally had peices sell before they were even off my needles. Along with several custom orders, my fingers have been pretty busy!

Here are a few of the items I've got in the shop:

Hope everyone had a nice Holiday Season!


Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin! (think Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!)

The pumpkins are consuming my life! Not to mention my house/garage/storage! See here for details:


I think I've already picked my favorite this year - and this year I'm keepin it all to myself!

Been working my fingers off knitting too. Hard to believe with 80-90 degree weather that fall clothes are already in the stores. I don't know why it's so hard to knit when it's 90 degrees and sweltering! Although there was a crisp air this morning. It didn't last long but I think it might have been just enough tease of the fall to get my fingers a'knittin! Photos to come...


Tug my heart...


Otis is gone. His owners finally showed up last night - just short of a week! Very, very sad. I hope they take care of him... If the stars align there's a possiblity we might get to see him again. Apparently the couple is opening some sort of cafe/resteraunt thingy downtown and once they open he will be a prominent resident. His name was actually 'Chewy' but he'll forever be Otis to me!

Story goes...

Monday evening, right around 5pm I recieved a call from my husband. I was expecting the usual... 'Do we have plans tonight?' or 'I'm on my way home - do I need to pick anything up?'. Instead I heard a serious but almost giddy voice, 'I have a problem'.

- What do you mean?
"Well, I have a dog in my car."
- What? why?
"I watched two cars lock up their breaks and screech trying not to hit him and I couldn't drive away without getting him out of the road, otherwise he would be dead - what do I do??!"
- Ok, take him to our Vet and have them do a Scan to see if he has a chip - their only open for 20 more minutes so hurry!
"No chip"
-Ugh, ok bring him home.

5 days later...
- Ad in the local news paper (for 3 days)
- Ad in local lost and found craigslist (for 5 days)
- Ad in several online lost and found, pet detective, etc... web sites (5 days)
- Posters plastered all around where he was found (4 days)
- Signs posted at Humane Society, Shelter had no calls
- Log filled out at local Vet - FOUND ad

- Collar, leash, dog bowl, bed, food, treats, toys... all bought
- Thourough baths given
- Lots of walks, love, kisses - given
- Several offers from friends and others to give sweet, well behaved puppy a forever home

On the 5th day eve...
- Phone call from a man "You have my dog..."
- Phone call from wife "My husband called, I wanted to make sure you have the correct number, check your caller ID."

Seriously, just this afternoon we had a discussion that it could be possible that no one was actually looking for this absolutely sweet, well behaved, absolutely cute as a button puppy. It had been 5 days with ads all over the place. We saw no LOST ads in the paper (it is free!) and drove around the neighborhood looking for signs.

I really want, deep down in my heart to believe that all people are good willed and want to do the right thing. But, truthfully I know this isn't always the case. There are lots of people out there who only see $$. "Oh, yea I lost a pure bread so and so dog... just what you said on the poster - that's it exactly! I'm so glad you found it! We've missed him!"

My husband seems to lean towards the optomistic side of things. He really wants to give everybody the benifit of the doubt and I admire this quality in him. I can't help but not feel the same way in certian cases. Anyone that I don't know personally, I need proof. If you have nothing to hide then proof shouldn't be an issue and we can all be happy.

Ok, so I've gotten off track here... So, without anymore hype here's the sweet pup we've had for 5 days - We've been calling him Otis:

We might have to say goodbye tomorrow to never see him again... and that just sucks!


Feelin the Love

So, if you know me you know I have a weakness for Eames era things. I have a crazy affliction for chairs - I can't explain it... it just is. Just look at the image headlining this blog. Seriously, there are a total of 14 (14!!) period chairs (this includes the dining chairs that are reproductions) in our 1400 sq ft house. Not including my Aeron office chair and two stools. Oh, and two vintage chairs in the garage awaiting a makeover.

Anyhow, my husband gracefully deals with my addiction and on rare occasions feeds it. Yesterday he was very excited to present me with these stamps. Not only did he buy the stamps, but he bought 3 books of them (2 to selectively mail out and one to keep for myself - duh!), and apparently he had been stalking the post office waiting for these stamps to come in. So much so that the day he walked in and they had the stamps the lady behind the counter saw him and excitedly yelled "Eames!".

I'm definately feeling the love ;) Now, who is going to be lucky enough to recieve these lovely stamps... hmm. I may just have to keep them all to myself!!

Update: As if the postage stamps weren't enough, these came in the mail yesterday! Rubber stamps with an inkpad. I instantly want to stamp every surface in my house now!

If I dodn't know any better I'd think someone might be trying to butter me up or something ;)


Crazy kitty can't catch a break

Just when things were going well. We finally built a screened in enclosure for our outdoor cat PK. It extends off the back of the garage an has a kitty door into the garage so she can go in and out. We had been keeping her in for longer periods of time (especially at night) which reduced all the little scratches (and some big scratches and bites) from fights. Everything was going peachy, until...

Sunday morning I walk out to feed her and let her out to roam a bit. I found her sitting on top of her cat tower with a gash from one side of her face to the other, bleeding and sneezing... ugh. After a 2 1/2 hour trip to the vet emergency room and $300 bucks, she had to be sedated and needed several stitches. Even the vet was baffled by how such a strange cut could have happened. I think she actually said "If only you could talk little girl, you'd have some kind of interesting story..."

Best we can figure, we found some blood and bird feathers on the chicken wire surrounding her enclosure. That crazy kitty tried to pounce a bird on the other side of the wire! From the looks of it she almost got it too. Bet she'll think twice before trying that again. At least I hope so...


That crazy kitty

This photo was a total fluke. I was taking pictures of some class cups and after she inhaled her food she came to investigate what I was doing. As you can tell she's still licking her chops. I thought it was funny but it's probably one of those faces only a mother (pet owner) could love! hehe... it cracks me up!

She's much more attractive in person - I swear!


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