"It's not every day you get to enjoy the bottom layer of a chocolate pyramid." - The_Gnat

Baby girl is sick...

My poor Miss Kitty is sick. She's struggled with cystitis for most of her life (UTI's and crystals). This time it's been bad and just won't go away. We've had numerous trips to the vet and even one to the emergency room. I can usually tell when a bout is coming on because she gets very lovey and wants to be in my lap all day long and if you know Miss Kitty this is very uncharacteristic. The vet usually shrugs this off until there is blood in her urine. This made me mad this time because I feel that it could have been prevented if given the antibiotics early on. But, the worst part is that something else is going on too and she's not keeping any food down... uck. I mean that very literally, UCK! No fun for anyone. I had the pleasure of waking up at 6am this morning to her about to vomit on my pillow. Thankfully I was able to grab her and put her on the floor before anything actually escaped.

The worst part is that I'm leaving to go out of town tomorrow and she starts on a new antibiotic today. Luckily my wonderful in-laws have been so kind to keep an eye on her. I know she will be in good hands I know she likes them very much. When they lived with us after hurricane Ivan she even slept and cuddled with them several nights and she still seems to be OK with them whenever they come by. I just hope she doesn't get any worse and they have to try and take her to the vet... whew - talk about a fiasco. Poor baby - she even looks pitiful in this photo... Don't worry baby girl I'll hurry home!


I Remember...

I thought today I would share my view from that horrible day 6 years ago. These photos were taken from our apartment. Along with many others, this fateful day has become a peice of me that will never ever go away.

I really can't believe it has been 6 whole years. It seems if I close my eyes I could put myself right back in this photo. The feeling of nauseasness just as strong.

I will also never forget the color of the sky as the sun began to set behind the smoke. The darker it became the more purple the sky turned.

Oh yes, I Remember well...


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