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Back from the Dead

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I'm honestly not sure where the past few months went. It doesn't feel like Christmas (or December) at all to me. Of course 70 degree weather in Dec will do that I guess.

I have been soo busy and I think I'm having memory trouble. I think I need one of those hand held Brain Age things to practice with (HINT HINT - stocking stuffer??). I can hold a conversation with someone and then totally forget it two days later. Or even worse don't remember what I did two days or two weeks ago. The days are beginning to run into eachother ugh - NOT good.

Anyway, I've been a busy bee knitting like crazy. My friend Jeni asked me to knit some scarves, hats, purses to put in her boutique this winter. I've had a lot of fun finding cool and unique patterns (and making some of my own up). My favorite (and most laborous) scarf sold the first day it was put on sale. YEA! I've posted a few photos for your viewing pleasure... I will also be putting things up on etsy eventually since we have quite the short winter here in FL. Click the photos for larger versions.

Miss Kitty is doing fine now, she's back to her normal bitchy self! It's likely that she will get sick again but I'm taking steps to try to avoid that. I've somehow adopted another kitty, or rather she adopted me (I'm NOT the crazy cat lady! - I SWEAR!) but more about her later.

3 Responses to “Back from the Dead”

  1. Blogger Damsel Underdressed 

    Molli, the knitting looks awesome! I love the ruffled scarf! I was just sitting here knitting a scarf in a ripple pattern as I was reading through some blogs.

    Glad Miss Kitty is feeling better!

  2. Blogger Nysidra 

    Actually, I have a DS and Brain Age. I could give it to Scott for you to play with for a while. I haven't touched the game in a while, and there's room for another account.

    It's very fun!

  3. Blogger MiniMolli 

    Thanks for the offer - that's very sweet. I actually got one for Christmas - it's definately addicting!

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