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And the Stress has begun....

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Wow, it's been a while since my last post. But with good reason! I'm in the midst of planning a wedding. But that's not the worst part. We're also trying to have a front porch built on our house, a pergola built in the back yard, a new fireplace and mantle built in our living room and a new landscape design in our back yard (which we're actually doing most of the manual labor ourselves)! Whew! That was tiring just listing it all. Well, needless to say I'm starting to feel the stress. Oh and did I mention that the wedding we're planning is going to be in the back yard?! Yup. So everything is high priority and has to be done before the end of September.

I have to admit, I do enjoy all the projects. It keeps me busy and in the meantime I'm getting great workouts by working my ass off in the yard (need to shape up before the big day!). But, lately I've started to have weird dreams. Now, I'm not the most organized person, however, I'm by far not the worst. I try really hard but my brain can't seem to concentrate on only one thing at a time. I'm constantly worrying about 10 things at any given time. I have several TODO lists and most items are on at least one of the lists if not several of them. The lists are randomly scattered throughout the house so when I happen upon them I can remember what I need to do.

The dreams go something like this: I'm suddenly walking down the isle and realize I have no flowers and we totally forgot to buy wedding rings.
OR, everyone is having a good time eating, dancing when all of a sudden my cat (who is strictly indoors) jumps up on the table with the food and digs in.
OR, we’re in the middle of our vows and the trash man comes by and spills our trash into the street for everyone to see (of course this couldn’t logistically happen since our wedding is on Sat evening and the trash man comes Friday morning, but still it’s a freaky dream)

I'm also trying very hard not to bother my fiance too much with all the details. I know he's under a lot of stress right now with work and trying to get his hot glass shop up and running before the only one in town closes for the summer. I really want him to enjoy this experience and not be stressed out with all the details leading up to the wedding. The last thing I want is him standing at the alter thinking "Damn, was all this really worth it?!", which could possibly happen seeing as he wanted to elope.

Ok, so here's a perfect example of my current state of scatterbrain: I began writing this entry about 45 minutes ago. Between then and now I have (in no particular order because most of them taking place simultaneously):
- fixed lunch
- spray painted the stumps in the back yard for the stump grinder guy to see
- looked at my friends baby registry (only to see that nothing is available online)
- did a google search for new air registers for my living room
- did a goodle search for Ray LaMontagne lyrics (for possible wedding songs), only to also see that he is going to be playing in New Orleans (House of Blues) exactly 2 weeks after I go for my bachelorette weekend (arggh)
- convinced my mother that I we don't need seating for everyone at the wedding
- searched some more for air registers – why the hell can’t I find a good looking brass in 6”x12”?!!
- google search for porta-potty rentals
- told my mother that she doesn't need to pay for my wedding dress (seeing as I got it at an astonishing bargain price) but it would be nice if she could help out with the rentals: to which she kindly responded 'no, but let me know if I can help with anything else - like make phone calls'
- asked my mom to call and ask about renting a porta-potty (she hasn’t responded yet)
- fended off a crazy kitty trying to jump on my keyboard
- suddenly remembered that I started a blog entry and decided to finish it.
Now you’re caught up.


Ok, I HAVE to at least attempt to get some work done today.

2 Responses to “And the Stress has begun....”

  1. Blogger Gnat 

    I feel it.


  2. Blogger Sloth 

    Hey chill out.... it will all be good. Not everyone has to sit down and the wedding does not have to be perfect. It is the night before that is the fun time and the wedding is just like mine just a formality(Spelling). I will be there at the begining of the August to help for a week so get Gnat up and running with a list of crap that needs to get done or built and we/I will get some done. Ok off to the house got an hour drive to get there and the sun is coming up so this is going to be a hard one.

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