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Awake and troubled

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Oh, so much drama... I have taken many faces lately. That of ambivolace, defiance, task master and recently enemy of tools. Yes, enemy of tools... within the past few weeks I have become the enemy of an iron rake and a cordless drill - both have beaten me and left scars (ok, maybe just bruises- but still, ouch!). I'm very lucky that I don't have a black eye right now. Bruised cheekbone and nose but luckily because of the frozen blueberries, no black eye.

In some strange way I think I crave the stress of projects. It really gives me something to do and keep track of and be control of - or at least try. I'm a pretty easy going person - I don't like conflict and will usually let things run their course, until... I feel I'm being taken advantage of, or I feel that someone is not doing their fair share. And let me tell you, when I get on a roll (as gnat says "war path" - 'you better watch out'). Not that I'm a mean person - but don't you dare try and get away with shit that's you know is not right. So many people underestimate me. I guess I'm pretty reserved until I feel I need to step up. Not in a huge way but for example: REAL STORY - we hired a company to come out and spray for termites in our new porch (before the cement was laid - THANKS RYAN ;) However, when the guy showed up he refused to spray because the base of the porch was not filled in yet (with dirt) and it wouldn't do much good for him to spray with only half of the dirt in. Totally understandable - no problem. But at this point - I was standing outside with the guy, he says to me "I need to talk to your husband to figure out what is going on here." He asked me if I was able to get ahold HIM. Now, I mean no offense to gnat here but #1 I am not married (YET). #2 I am home all the time and know more about everything going on #3- HELLO - I am standing here, ask ME whatever you want to know?!! I replied "What he knows, I know and then some - what do you want to know?". He was still reluctant to talk to me. WTF?! Finally, he realized he was not going to get past me until finally I called the contractor on speed dial and got an immediate answers for him. Arggghhhhh!!! Don't f*@#! with me B!@ch!
Ok, fine, this may be miniscule to most people - but it's the highlight of my day!! ugh...

Oh yes and that is just the beginning of the war path... be afriad, very afraid... and don't you dare mess with my Miss kitty :{

10 Responses to “Awake and troubled”

  1. Blogger Jason King 

    Awesome Molli! I hate that mentality. I love to see morons getting called out like that.

    I am looking forward to the wedding.
    Have a good day.

  2. Blogger MiniMolli 

    Wow dude, you need to update your blog. Last post - 'May 02, 2005'?? I know you've got somethin to say! ;)

    Oh and the corn was mighty yummy, thanks again!

  3. Blogger Jason King 

    Yep...instead of working, guess what I have been up to....
    and glad you liked the corn.

  4. Blogger Gnat 

    Levels of Mini-Anger:

    The following are the levels of anger

    Level 0.5:

    She is just a little peeved, crinked nose, with a 100 yard stare. Not angry, more just bent 10% off plumb. A nice frothy beer turns her back into a happy camper.

    Level 1
    War Path Mini:

    Don't mess with me. I may have let you get away with something, but now your taking advantage of my good nature. You have been warned and you better start to step in the right direction or it is no more Ms. Nice Mini. Got it? No real known luck I was able to get her down to Level 0.5 by doing the truffle shuffle then I plyed her with beer until she smiled.

    Level 2
    Scorched Earth Policy(SEP):

    The proper length of rope has been given to you to hang yourself. She is, at this point and any point moving forward, listing you as a hostil. You will not be afforded any Geneva conventions and will be shot on site. I have only personally reached this level of Mini-Anger one time when I got lost after kicking back a little to much crown and she did not hear from me for a good 12 hours while I wondered the dreggs on New Jersy. There is no good way to deal with Mini in this state. Just remove yourself from attack distance until Level 0.5 returns. Time alone seems to be the only cure.

    Level 3
    Oh God what did you do(Fubar):

    Not reached, only heard about this level of anger. Something of a folk tale in her family and when spoken of by her father I watched as the man shivered while clucthing his arms to his chest. I can only guess as to who or what drove her to L3, but I would advise said person never to show themeselves. If not for you, for me...please for all that is holly stay away. Cure seems to be a blood sacrifice, followed by a shopping spree at Banana Republic so the tale goes.

    Mini Angerologist

  5. Blogger Jason King 

    Marla should see she shouldn't.


  6. Blogger MiniMolli 

    Gnat, Don't kid yourself the NJ incident was probably more like a 2.5. Have you so soon forgotten?! I was considering blood sacrifice but didn't have the energy to follow through after trying to track you down for 12 hours - you got off easy my friend.

  7. Blogger Gnat 

    I agree.


  8. Blogger Jason King 

    Wow...maybe more should be said about this..."Incident" you speak of.

    or is this just the old ..."Man in car, wont stop for directions" thing...


  9. Blogger MiniMolli 

    Oh so much worse. In fact I think it warrants an entire post. Maybe it should be a joint post (his version vs. her version) yea, will work on that.

  10. Blogger Jason King 

    Looking forward to it.

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